Every Day’s a Spa Day

Spend your vacation exactly as you should—unwinding. Illinois Beach Hotel offers on-site spa services at Natural Balance Massage Therapy that are guaranteed to help you relieve stress and achieve ultimate relaxation during your stay.

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Monday–Friday | 10am–7pm

Saturday | 9am–5pm

Sunday | Closed

Illinois beach resort spa massge
Spa Services
Classic Swedish Massage

Focused on providing balance and relaxation, our Classic Swedish Massage will improve circulation and revitalize the mind, body, and soul.

30 minutes: $30
60 minutes: $60
90 minutes: $90

Illinois beach resort spa aromatherapy candles
Spa Services
Aromatherapy Massage

This massage utilizes several 100% therapeutic-grade essential oils to bring the body into structural and electrical alignment while boosting the immune system.

60 minutes: $70

stones stacked on a pebbled beach
Spa Services
Hot Stone Massage

Using natural LaPaz stones, this full body massage reduces stress, decreases pain, and allows for a deeper relaxation while balancing the body and spirit.

90 minutes: $95

Illinois beach resort spa foot massage
Spa Services
Foot Spa Massage

Our 45-minute Kansa Vatki foot massage is extremely revitalizing for the feet and lower legs and helps to rebalance the tridosha (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha).

45 minutes: $50
Foot massage & 30 minute massage: $80

Illinois beach resort spa cupping therapy
Spa Services
Additional Services

Cupping Therapy: $50
Aromatherapy: $10
Foot Scrub & Foot Butter: $10
Eco-Fin Hand Treatment: $12

Illinois beach resort spa massage
Spa Services
Deep Tissue Massage

Customize your own therapeutic massage to meet your specific needs. Using techniques from several modalities. this session focuses on areas of pain and discomfort.

30 minutes: $30
60 minutes: $60
90 minutes: $90