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Transcend Time at the Bristol Renaissance Festival

June 03, 2019

With summer comes warmer weather, and with warmer weather comes all of the medieval warfare and funny accents you can handle. Every year, residents of Zion and visitors alike flock a couple of minutes north of the Illinois/Wisconsin border to experience a place trapped in time. In this place, you will find ruthless Vikings, honorable knights, and raunchy bards.

This year, the Bristol Renaissance Festival will open its doors on July 6 and will be putting on shows every weekend until September 2. Whether you want to dress the part in full attire or just watch the fun, there’s no shortage of shows and events. Watch as knights knock each other down in epic jousts or hear some very old-timey comedy. Enjoy refreshing, cold beer or try some hearty mead. However you decide to enjoy the Ren Fest, know that you will leave wanting more. Luckily for you, multi-day passes and memberships are available so you can catch whatever show you missed.